Look Around 2021 collection

is a tribute to the endangered birds and fish species, due to the fact that “The world is choking on plastic”.

“Clanga Clanga” an endangered Eagle Species.

sarlatan_cristina milea_clanga clangs_upcycling fashion


The costume is made of: plastic waste (the wings are made of recycled plastic bottles), fabric and jewellery waste, silicon rubber, toxic edible pigments.

The reduction of forested areas and wetlands, poisoning and illegal hunting are the main dangers for this species. “It is a widespread species in the north and centre of the European continent. It is a monogamous and territorial species. Juveniles remain with their parents after learning to fly, until they reach sexual maturity.” The parents won`t kick them out from the nest until than. Does this sound familiar? The Screaming Eagle, Aquila Clanga, is a bird of prey by day, with a wingspan of over one meter, declared a protected species.

2.sarlatan_cristina milea_clanga clanga_upcycling fashion


The scientific name clanga is from Ancient Greek: “scream”conservation status: vulnerable

3.sarlatan_cristina milea_clanga clanga_upcycling fashion


If we skip the fact that birds and fish do not use words to communicate, we can see how their personalities, lifestyle, habits are very similar to our own identities. Each of us can empathise with at least one species that “looks” like us. Perhaps, if we overcome the language differences, we will take into account the fact that the human beings are not the only ones that require optimal conditions to survive. Birds and fish do not need our “help”, but to observe them without “intervening” in their natural environment.

4.sarlatan_cristina milea_clanga clanga_upcycled fashion
5.sarlatan_cristina milea_clanga clanga_upcycled fashion_
5.sarlatan_cristina milea_clanga clanga_upcycled fashion_
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costume installation: Cristina Milea |

photo: Bogdan Catargiu | | @bcatargiu

performer: Georgiana Saraev | @georgianasaraev