This pictorial, inspired by the mythology of Ancient Rome, brings to the fore the feminine side of the legend.

Her secret name was Fenta Fauna or Fenta Fatua ( identified by some of the ancients with the Greek Aphrodite or Bona Dea, the “good goddess”) Fatua comes from fatuari, “to speak for” 

Fauna  is a Roman rustic goddess of the fertility of woodlands, fields, and flocks; she was the counterpart of Faunus. Michael Lipka sees Faunus and Fauna as an example of a characteristically Roman tendency to form gender-complementary pairs. The male-female figures never have equal prominence, and one partner (not always the female) seems to have been modelled on the other.

**** The faun  is a mythological half human–half goat creature appearing in Roman mythology. The goat men, more commonly affiliated with the Satyrs of Greek mythology, (symbols of peace and fertility).

fauna_upcycle costume_cristina milea_ silvana mihai 5
fauna_upcycle costume_cristina milea_ silvana mihai 5
fauna_upcycled costume_cristina milea_silvana mihai 1
fauna_upcycled costume_cristina milea_silvana mihai 1, ancient Greek mythology

costume installation: Cristina Milea | cristinamilea.ro 

photo: Bogdan Catargiu | @bcatargiu | bogdancatargiu.ro

performer: Silvana Mihai l @silvanamihai