This emblematic steppe bird has kept a strong center of resistance in Romania. Here lives a small cross-border population (about 45 specimens), which use territories on both sides of the border with Hungary. 

 By the mid-1950s, it had disappeared from most of Europe. Mechanization of agriculture, hunting, and poaching have contributed to this decline. 

The key word in nature conservation is cooperation. Without the collaboration of specialists, the administration and the local community cannot be preserved. And if we look at the individual level, what matters most is that man, regardless of the sector in which he works, to show more care and live with more attention to nature.”  Laura Turdean : Asociația Milvus Transilvania Vest (filială a Grupului Milvus)

The costume is made of plastic and textile waste and pieces of jewellery.

costume installation: Cristina Milea | cristinamilea.ro 

Performer: Alina Serban  I  http://alinaserban.com

photo: Bogdan Dincă bogdan@documentaria.ro | @bogdandinca